Better Performance

Better performance from closer, more direct routes between operators on the exchange

Expanded Reach

Expanded reach from creating additional paths via the exchange


Resilience via increased redundancy, lowering the chances of downtime on your network

Larger Bandwidth

Larger bandwidth from spreading out traffic loads across networks connected to the exchange


The St. Kitts and Nevis Internet Exchange (SKNIX) is a facility that allows internet service providers, network operators and content providers to exchange domestic internet traffic in St. Kitts and Nevis instead of routing it outside of the country (e.g. through the U.S.A. or Europe).

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Peering Networks

Shared VLAN Peering

This is the most common form of peering. Our offerings include Bilateral and Multilateral peering. With Bilateral peering, the peers establish BGP sessions directly between their respective routers. With Multilateral peering, the peers establish BGP sessions to a route server or two (for redundancy), and the route server “reflects” the routes to all other router server clients. From the outside, both types of peering look the same to other BGP speakers.


Private VLAN Peering

Private VLAN Peering is exactly what it sounds like – private. In this case, the peering relationship happens on dedicated VLANs rather than one shared VLAN. VLANs can have two or more associated ports included to limit connections to only those you choose to peer with. The BGP session is established directly between the two (or more) peers with their own IP space, as there will be no layer-3 interfaces on the actual exchange. In this case, the VLAN-ID will be assigned by Omaha IX.



SKNIX Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test Facility Now Available

Test Your Internet Speed